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flat pack furniture assembly services

Assembly Companies

If you have more than one person assembling furniture for you, you can register as a company.

We have made this flexible so that you can use a mixture of employed and subcontracted labour.

The main differences are as follows:-

  • We do not need contact details and references or feedback for each of your assemblers (ie the Core Badge & Feedback Badges are not required),that is your responsibility.
  • You pay a reduced rate per assembler but they are only verified for your company, however they can upgrade to an individual membership if they want to ie if they are subcontractors.

How does it work for Subcontractors already registered working for you?

  • All subcontractors have an individual account and can be searched for by their name and unique reference number. They cannot be searched for by the name, address, telephone number etc
  • You will have a separate and unique account reference under your company name for them.
  • This means each subcontractor you use can be searched for by their name and your reference number and will show up as one of your assemblers. Naturally if they are searched for using their name and their reference number they will appear as a subcontractor or private assembler.