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Badges Explained

To join the scheme, simply fill in our registration form and then follow the steps indicated to apply for the various badges


Assembly Companies

The process for Assembly Companies with more than one member of staff is slightly different but follows the same general process. You can find out more by clicking the button opposite.

Registered Assembler

£100 (includes Experienced Assembler badge)

You will need to obtain both the Core Badge and the Legal badge to become a Registered Assembler.

This Badge is FREE if the course is completed by the end of July 2020

Simply enter the coupon code FREEREGISTER when you buy the course

A full description can be found here

Core Badge

The Core Badge is a simple credibility check. You cannot proceed without this badge.

To get the Core Badge you must get the following badges:

  • Core Information: Basic contact information so we know who you are.
  • References: Three character references, you must supply us with the names and email address of people you know. Each will be emailed a link to a character reference form to complete. You will need at least 3 forms completed. The questions can be viewed here

The Legal Badge

This is to demonstrate some basic legal issues that affect what you do.

  • British Standards – What you need to know about how these affect the final assembly of the product.
  • Health and Safety –  We have written standard RAMS for use by you when you assemble furniture, or you can write your own. You should have these for all work, and might not get let into shops, old people’s home, offices etc without them.
  • Waste Disposal – How the law affects you if you take waste away

Experienced Assembler:

Purchased with the Registered Assembler badge

You will need to have obtained the Registered Assembler badge before getting the Experienced Assembler Badge. 

To get this badge you need to get at least two of these badges to show you are familiar with flag ship products and assembling them:-

Trained Assembler:

This will be charge at around £100

You will need to have obtained the Registered Assembler badge before getting the Trained  Assembler Badge. To get this badge you need to complete our flat pack assembler course and pass all the relevant tests.

TR01 - Professional Flatpack Assembly Training

LAUNCHING 8th May 2020:

This Badge is FREE if the course is completed by the end of July 2020

Simply enter the coupon code FREETRAINING when you buy the course



  1. Introduction

  2. How Key Components Work

  3. Key Skills

  4. General Assembly

  5. Common Items

  6. Engineering out silly mistakes

  7. Key Tips for Beginners

  8. Tips and Tricks: 

    Tips to help do things easily and quickly without cutting corners.


TR02 - Working Efficiently (and earn more)


  1. How to work Quickly

  2. Job Overview

  3. Speed Tips and Tricks


TR03 - Making Money As A Flatpack Assembler



TR04 - Pax Wardrobes (and other modular systems)



TR05 - Rauch Wardrobes (and other vertical build systems)


Certified Assembler: 

£100 per annum


This is our top rated badge.

You will need to gain both the Trained Assembler and Experienced Assembler badges to be eligable for the Certified Assembler badge.

You will then need to meet the following criteria:

  • Have your insurance checked annually
  • Have a DBS Check completed
  • Have customer feedback forms completed by at least 5 customers each year.
  • Have a least one job inspected each year.
  • Abide by our Code of Conduct (Inspected)

Code of Conduct

  1. You will provide written quotes for all jobs you do
  2. You will provide your customers with Terms and Conditions of business. This will include:
    • When Paymnet is Due
    • Methods of Payment
    • Cancellation Policy
    • Complaints Process
    • Job Booking Details
    • Copy of Quote or Cross Reference to it.
    • Contact Details
    • Be Clear About Waste Disposal
  3. You will be of clean and tidy appearance.
  4. You will arrive on time.
  5. You will work in a considerate manner.
  6. You will have Risk Assessments and Method of Work Statements completed for all types of work you do.
  7. You will provide DBS and Insurance Details on Request.